The Future of
Education Starts Here.

We strive to unlock children's potential around the globe by leveraging the best education resources available. Welcome to QOEG, where we bring the world's finest educational resources to young learners everywhere.


We’re here to make learning fun and accessible to students all over the world. We provide high quality yet affordable products that enable students around the world to take live lessons. It is our mission bring our students closer to their dreams.


Since 2018, QOEG has helped bring world class education resources to tens of thousands of students around the globe. We are highly-recognized by the industry, winning multiple awards throughout our development.

- Quality Online Education Group Inc. was established in Canada

- Awarded “ Influential Child Education Brand of the Year” by China National Radio

- Completed the first upgrade of QOEG’s independent-developed curriculum

- Awarded “Influential Online Education Brand of the Year” by Tencent

- Listed in OTC

- Completed the second upgrade of QOEG’s independent-developed curriculum

- Awarded “Most Outstanding online E-learning platform” by Corporate Vision Magazine

- Awarded “10 Best Innovative Companies” by CIO coverage

- Selected by The CEO Views Magazine as a "Top 50 Innovators of the Year"

- Awarded "Most Outstanding Online E-Learning Platform 2022 - Canada" by M&A Today Magazine