We become friends of our students

Our teachers are great communicators. We always try to see things from the students’ perspective. A better understanding of our students allow us to encourage their expressions.

Total Physical Response (TPR) method

TPR is a method that mimics the way that infants learn their first language. By using physical movement to react to verbal input, the process creates a brain link between speech and action.

An effective
25-minute class

We have designed each class to consist of different sections to best engage a student’s attention. From beginning to end, our students enjoy every minute of the class!


We provide a comprehensive learning program that not only includes class time. Each class is complemented by a set of pre-class vocabulary sessions and after-class exercises. Our teaching assistants help lighten parents’ load with our expert-designed curriculum.

Step-by-step improvement

As the student’s level progresses, we revisit similar themes but with expanded vocabulary. Gradually, our students will learn about many different expressions.